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Rick can be scheduled for:

  • Website Sales
  • SEO/SEM/ Social Media Sales
  • Current Website Upgrades
  • Marketing Sales Coaching
  • Organic Search Engine Coaching
  • Social Media Sales Coaching
  • Content Management Coaching
  • Web Conversion Management Coaching

Note: Appointments for discussions of Star Trek / Muscle Cars / Military / Politics & Religion will require a special appointment 🙂

Video Training can be found:

Appointment Terms for Coaching and Training

*MWS and its affiliates offer additional services that are included with your monthly managed hosting. One-on-one website support and training on your editor can be provided through email correspondence, screenshots and videos. Phone support is provided as a courtesy service as identified below. One-on-one website support and editor training is where we show you how to perform the needed edits, NOT do them for you. (paid editing services are available) We additionally provide a library of prerecorded videos where you can access the most common edits for your website editor. Any requested edits to the website either via email, phone or during a screenshare session are considered paid services and not part of editor training. If you have requested more than the allotted time for phone or screenshare support your appoint may be cancelled.

MWS and its affiliates offer some services as a courtesy. These courtesy services are not part of any paid service you have through MWS and can be discontinued at any time. Some of these services might be: Any coaching and content management services performed via Screenshare or phone. As these are provided simply as a courtesy, we ask that you limit use to a maximum of 30 minutes per month. Courtesy services will not provide training on aspects of Paid SEO or marketing services provided by Modern Web Studios, or associated Contractors in our preferred network. (additional time available billed at $78 per hour)