Q: Do I need to book an appointment?

A: Nah, feel free to call and we’ll do our best to catch the call. BUT… then we might be busy, you get mad, drive angry, hit a pothole, wreck your car… on second thought; maybe setting an appointment is best.

Q: Is this a guaranteed appointment?

A: To the very best of our ability we will make this appointment happen. If we can’t make the appointment or need to reschedule we will contact you every way we can. If however, Rick’s office is struck by an asteroid; we will need a few days to reschedule all his appointments. Thank you for understanding.

Q: How much is your Free Advice?

A: $39.95 per hour. Please pay the cashier at the window.

Q: Why don’t you show the real images of the Support Team?

A: Our support team members are simply too attractive to post their pictures or have themselves visible in zoom calls. It creates a distraction for our customers and decreases productivity. Which is.. y’know.. bad.

Q: Do you really have an award winning Support Team?

A: We sure do. We have earned Angie’s List and Angi.com’s highest marks in Customer service for 10 years straight nationwide!

Q: Does you team have a favorite color?

A: Clear. We try to make everyone happy.